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Codepage to use for filenames


Source position: systemh.inc line 727

var DefaultFileSystemCodePage: TSystemCodePage;


DefaultFileSystemCodePage determines the code page to which file/path names are translated before they are passed to OS API calls, if the RTL uses a single byte OS API for this purpose on the current platform.

This code page is also used for intermediate operations on file paths inside the RTL before making OS API calls.

This variable does not exist in Delphi, and has been introduced in FPC to make it possible to change the value of DefaultSystemCodePage without breaking RTL interfaces with the OS file system API calls.

The initial value of this variable depends on the platform:

The value of this variable may be changed using the SetMultiByteFileSystemCodePage procedure.

Remark: The Unix/OS X/iOS settings only apply in case the cwstring widestring manager is installed, otherwise DefaultFileSystemCodePage will have the same value as DefaultSystemCodePage after program startup.

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