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Add a disk to the list of known disks (Unix only)


Source position: sysutils.pp line 61

function AddDisk(

  const path: string



On Unix-like platforms both the DiskFree and DiskSize functions need a file on the specified drive, since is required for the statfs system call.

These filenames are set in drivestr[0..26], and the first 4 have been preset to :

Disk 0
'.' default drive - hence current directory is used.
Disk 1
'/fd0/.' floppy drive 1.
Disk 2
'/fd1/.' floppy drive 2.
Disk 3
'/'C: equivalent of DOS is the root partition.

Drives 4..26 can be set by your own applications with the AddDisk call.

The AddDisk call adds Path to the names of drive files, and returns the number of the disk that corresponds to this drive. If you add more than 21 drives, the count is wrapped to 4.



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