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Attempt to guess the encoding of a buffer


Source position: sysencodingh.inc line 64

public class function TEncoding.GetBufferEncoding(

  const Buffer: TBytes;

  var AEncoding: TEncoding

):Integer; overload;

class function TEncoding.GetBufferEncoding(

  const Buffer: TBytes;

  var AEncoding: TEncoding;

  ADefaultEncoding: TEncoding

):Integer; overload;


GetBufferEncoding checks the BOM marker of an array of bytes Buffer, and returns the found encoding in AEncoding. Only the TEncoding.BigEndianUnicodeTEncoding.Unicode and TEncoding.UTF8 encodings will be tried.

If AEncoding is non-Nil on entry, it will be used to check the BOM marker with. No other encoding will be tried in that case.

If ADefaultEncoding is specified, it will be returned in case no match was found.

The function returns the number of bytes in the BOM Marker.

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Return the BOM Marker used by the encoding

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