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Record describing a search handle or result (single-byte string version)


Source position: filutilh.inc line 67

type TRawbyteSearchRec = record


  Time: LongInt;


Last modification timestamp

  Size: Int64;


File size in bytes

  Attr: LongInt;


File attributes

  Name: RawByteString;


File name (single byte version)

  ExcludeAttr: LongInt;


For internal use only

  FindHandle: THandle;


Native file search handle. For internal use only, treat as opaque

  property TimeStamp: TDateTime; [r]



TRawbyteSearchRec is a search handle description record using single-byte strings. It is initialized by a call to FindFirst and can be used to do subsequent calls to FindNext. It contains the result of these function calls. It must be used to close the search sequence with a call to FindClose.

Remark: Not all fields of this record should be used. Some of the fields are for internal use only. (PathOnly for example, is only provided for Kylix compatibility)
Remark: Note that for files with Unicode filenames this is a converted value from the Unicode filename. Depending on the codepage, this may or may not be a correct rendering of the correct Unicode filename.

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