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Helper type for strings.


Source position: syshelph.inc line 60

type TStringHelper = type helper



  Empty = ''


Check if the string is empty

  class function Compare();


Compare 2 strings

  class function CompareOrdinal();


Compare 2 strings byte for byte

  class function CompareText();


Compare 2 strings case insensitively.

  class function Copy();


Return a unique copy of a string

  class function Create();


Create a new string

  class function EndsText();


Check if one string is the ending of another.

  class function Equals();


Check if 2 strings are equal

  class function Format();


Format a string using provided arguments.

  class function IsNullOrEmpty();


Check if a string is empty

  class function IsNullOrWhiteSpace();


Check if a string is empty or contains only whitespace characters.

  class function Join();


Join a series of strings, separated using a given separator

  class function LowerCase(); overload;


Return the lowercase version of a string.

  class function Parse();


Return a string representation of the argument

  class function ToBoolean();


Convert string to boolean

  class function ToDouble();


Convert string to double-sized floating point value

  class function ToExtended();


Convert string to extended-sized floating point value

  class function ToInt64();


Convert string to 64-bit signed integer

  class function ToInteger();


Convert string to 32-bit signed integer

  class function ToSingle();


Convert string to single-sized floating point value

  class function UpperCase(); overload;


Return uppercase version of a string

  function CompareTo();


Compare string to another

  function Contains();


Check is the string contains another

  procedure CopyTo();


Copy part of the string to an array of characters

  function CountChar();


Count the occurrences of a character

  function DeQuotedString();


Return a dequoted version of the string

  function EndsWith();


Check if the string is ended by another.

  function GetHashCode;


Get a hash code for the string

  function IndexOf();


Find the position (index) of a string or character

  function IndexOfUnQuoted(); overload;


Index of string, skipping quoted parts.

  function IndexOfAny();


Find the position (index) of any string or character in a list.

  function IndexOfAnyUnquoted();


Find the position (index) of any string or character in a list.

  function Insert();


Insert a string at a given position

  function IsDelimiter();


Check whether a character at a given position is a delimiter

  function IsEmpty;


Check whether the string is empty.

  function LastDelimiter();


Return the last position of one of a series of delimiters

  function LastIndexOf();


Find the last position (index) of a string or character

  function LastIndexOfAny();


Find the last position (index) of any string or character in a list.

  function PadLeft();


Pad the string on the left with an indicated character

  function PadRight();


Pad the string on the right with an indicated character

  function QuotedString();


Return a quoted version of the string

  function Remove();


Remove a number of characters from the string

  function Replace();


Replace occurrences of one string with another.

  function Split();


Split a string in a number of parts

  function StartsWith();


Check if one string starts with another

  function Substring();


Return a part of the string

  function ToCharArray();


Return the string as an array of characters.

  function ToLower; overload;


Convert to lowercase

  function ToLowerInvariant;


Convert to lowercase

  function ToUpper; overload;


Convert to uppercase.

  function ToUpperInvariant;


Convert to uppercase

  function Trim();


Strips a set of trim characters from the beginning and end of the string.

  function TrimLeft();


Strips a set of trim characters from the beginning of the string.

  function TrimRight();


Strips a set of trim characters from the end of the string.

  function TrimEnd(); deprecated ;


Alias for TrimRight

  function TrimStart(); deprecated ;


Alias for TrimLeft

  property Chars []: Char; [r]


Zero-based Indexed access to the characters in the string.

  property Length: SizeInt; [r]


Return the length of the string





Helper type for strings.


TStringHelper adds various helper routines to the string type. These are mostly conversion routines, and some formatting routines.

For similarity to C-like languages, all the indexes in these helper routines are zero based.

See also



Helper type for TGUID

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